The repurchase of real estate and consumption loans is an effective solution to find a real purchasing power. It is possible to include your home loan with a purchase of consumer loans. Here’s what you need to know if you want to combine your real estate and home loans!

The repurchase of loans: real estate or consumption?

The repurchase of loans: real estate or consumption?

Each situation corresponds to a type of repurchase or grouping of credits. This financial transaction is potentially aimed at all borrowers. Here are 3 examples of situations and the different buy-back solutions associated with them:

  • Do you want to save on your property loan? To meet this need, we are talking about buying mortgage. It is a question of having your loan redeemed by another bank offering you better borrowing conditions. This operation is particularly interesting if your situation or the rates have changed since the signing of your loan.
  • Free request and without obligation.
  • Do you want to reduce the monthly amount of your consumer credits? You guessed it: this is a buyout of consumer loans. The financial institution that buys back your loans combines them into a single credit. Your monthly payments are reduced up to – 60% and you only make one reimbursement per month.
  • Free request and without obligation.
  • Do you want to reduce the amount of all your monthly loan payments? It is in this situation that the repurchase of mortgage loans AND consumption is the appropriate solution. The operation is the same as buying back consumer loans (described in the previous point) but your mortgage (s) is / are included in the consolidation.
  • Free request and without obligation.

Why carry out a grouping of real estate and consumer loans?

Why carry out a grouping of real estate and consumer loans?

The repurchase of mortgage loans and consumption allows above all to significantly reduce the weight of your monthly payments. In addition, if you find it difficult to manage your budget, buying real estate and consumer loans will simplify the management of your repayments thanks to the single loan. In addition to these advantages, there are various reasons that may lead you to buy back your credits.

To avoid over-indebtedness

With the lower monthly payments it allows, this financial transaction is effective in preventing or getting out of debt. If your debt ratio is above 33% or is approaching it, it is recommended to study what a loan buyback could bring you.

Calculate your debt ratio

To get your debt ratio, take the total amount you repay each month for your credits and multiply it by 100. Then divide the result by your net income.

Net revenues include:

  • Your net wages
  • Your non-salaried professional income
  • Your support payments and other support payments

What you get is your debt ratio.

To get started in new projects

Buying credits also allows you to finance new projects. With reduced monthly repayments, your purchasing power as well as your repayment capacity are valued. Additional cash can then be granted to you in the form of a consumer loan added to your credit repurchase.

This operation can therefore help you to concretize projects that had been put aside (works, new vehicle, etc.).

How to combine my real estate and consumer credits?

How to combine my real estate and consumer credits?

If you wish to redeem your credits, you can submit your request online. Whether you want a buyout of real estate and consumer loans or a buyout of consumer loans, this request is free and without obligation. The latter allows you to be contacted by experts after an initial analysis of your project.

We do not offer you a real estate and / or consumption loan redemption simulation, but rather a real exchange with our broker advisers. This gives you access to a personalized analysis of your project and to offers that are perfectly suited to your situation. We negotiate for you the proposals which are made to you, you are free to follow them up or not!

The level of decrease of your monthly payments varies according to your profile and the characteristics of your current credits. The reduction in monthly repayments is made possible by the extension of the duration of the loan granted. This operation leads to a possible increase in the total cost of the loan.

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