Apply for a loan without credit bureau? You need to know & that’s how it works

About the Full credit loan

About the Full credit loan

Full credit is a credit broker through which you can get a loan from one of the company’s many partner banks . Possible loan amounts are between 1,500 and 250,000 USD, with terms of 12 to 120 months. Depending on your credit rating, you will receive an effective annual interest rate of 3.99% – 15.95%.

On the subject of creditworthiness: In addition, Full credit provides loans despite credit bureau with amounts of up to 7,500 USD. The conditions for this differ again from those for an ordinary installment loan.

Requirements for an installment loan with Full credit

Requirements for an installment loan with Full credit

You can get an installment loan from Full credit if you can meet the following requirements:

  • Minimum age of 18 years
  • Permanent residence in Germany
  • Regular income from employment or pension benefits

In order for a installment loan from Full credit to be arranged, you need a minimum income of USD 850 per month. For lower income, you can only apply for a loan using a guarantor. With a loan without credit bureau entry, the monthly income must be at least 1,150 USD. In both cases, Full credit will check your credit bureau file. Only with the credit bureau-free loan variant there is no entry after processing.

Apply for a loan at Full credit

Apply for a loan at Full credit

A credit request can be submitted online to Full credit by filling out the form provided. After you have done this, Full credit will send you the loan application by email and post. As soon as this has been returned, your documents will be checked and the company will contact you after the processing time.

In addition to the loan application, you must also submit a copy of your last pay slip or a pension notification. This can also be done online, but the loan application can only be sent by post. To do this, you must use the Postident procedure.

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Full credit repayment & repayment

The repayment is made in fixed monthly installments. Repayment begins four weeks after you receive the money, either on the 1st or 15th of a month.

Special repayments, which can extend to the entire remaining debt, are possible at any time. There are no additional costs.

Full credit protection

Full credit protection

Full credit often offers additional chargeable services in the context of loan agreements. In addition to residual debt insurance, this can also be accident insurance or a building society contract.

When you get a contract for such a service along with the loan application, you should read the fine print carefull credity. Such offers must not be considered a condition for the receipt of the loan. Therefore, check your personal insurance situation in advance and then decide whether you really need such an additional benefit.


Cash Loan arise when taking out a loan could hardly be more diverse

The loan with an instant approval

The loan with an instant approval

The possibilities that arise when taking out a loan could hardly be more diverse. While there are loans that have a slightly longer way to go before signing the loan agreement, there is also the loan with an instant approval. As a borrower, you have the opportunity to react quickly and easily to upcoming tasks.

The most important things summarized for the cash loan

  • There are no reputable providers of cash advances where you can get the money directly on hand
  • Mini loans & small loans can be paid directly into your account and are available within 24 hours
  • Loans with fast payouts are available with and without Credit bureau query
  • Let go of any loans that are paid out in cash.
  • Loans are always transferred to the account first. If you want to have the cash in cash, you should withdraw it at the bank counter or ATM.

The term cash advance has become rather rare these days. The loans are usually transferred to the account. Anyone who has applied for a loan from the house bank can directly dispose of the cash in cash if it is withdrawn directly from the account. There are online banks that also pay a loan amount in cash through the postman if, for example, the spouse should not know about it. This was very often done with the former “Swiss loan”. In the meantime, this practice has become rather rare. In the modern financial world, the cash loan is rather referred to as an instant loan.

Cash loan immediately as a small loan

Cash loan immediately as a small loan

A cash loan is usually about small amounts of money. Rather, it is more important to borrowers that the cash advance is paid out immediately. Different ways are available to quickly compensate for a financial bottleneck. If available, the disposition is initially the first choice. If you have such a disposition and the budget has not yet been reached, this overdraft facility could be the salvation.

Without consulting the bank, you can freely dispose of the small loan immediately by simply opening your account. This means that the balance is in the red and that high interest rates are due. The good thing is that there is no Credit bureau test when using it. If the entries in the Credit bureau have changed since the account was opened and the overdraft was granted, the bank does not initially know. This will only be noticed if you “overshoot” the limit or if the overdrawn checking account becomes a permanent condition. Although using the disposable can be expensive, it gives you benefits. You are not required to calculate monthly installments for repayment. It is up to you how much money you want to keep in the account for repayment. If you don’t have any money left, that’s no problem. With a cash loan immediately into the account as an installment loan, you will have difficulties if the installments do not reach the bank on time each month.

What are the options for getting a cash loan into your account immediately?

First of all, you should know that a cash advance is not earmarked. There are only two loans that are tied to a specific purpose. It is vehicle financing and a real estate loan. In all other cases, you can use the money for whatever you want. It is interesting if the offer of a bank or a financial service provider provides for a break in installments. If the money is not so loose, you can suspend the rate once a year after consulting the lender, giving you more financial leeway. This can be important, for example, if the car insurance is debited or the tax office requests the tax prepayment.

A cash loan even without Credit bureau?

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A cash loan is gladly applied to the account immediately, even without Credit bureau. Basically, the credit check is always carried out in Germany. It can be less expensive with a low loan amount, but generally it is not waived. From a loan amount of 3,500 USD, it is possible to apply for one abroad. There are special providers like Best bank, Nice bank and others. It might be better to say credit in spite of Credit bureau, because a loan approval can actually also be possible with a negative Credit bureau. The private marketplace for loans also offers adequate freedom. People with a negative Credit bureau can at least hope for a loan if enough donors are ready for a loan.

You should be careful before dubious offers. If advance payment is required for flimsy fees or if the loan is dependent on taking out insurance, then do so. You only get rid of money here, you don’t get a loan.

Small and mini loans with instant disbursement

Small and mini loans with instant disbursement

A small loan is often too expensive for the banks, which is why you don’t even offer a loan for a certain amount. Some providers have recognized this and have immediately added a cash credit to their account in their program. In fact, providers manage to transfer the money to the borrower’s account within 24 hours. One can even do it in 30 minutes.


A cash loan immediately into the account is relatively rare. If you want to have the money immediately, you either have to use the overdraft facility, contact the house bank or use the offers of the providers on the Internet. New techniques mean that the loan amount can be posted to the account within 24 hours. Vexcash even offers a withdrawal in 30 minutes. The lower the loan amount, the less extensive the credit check is. The cash credit immediately into the account is not tied to a purpose. An urgently needed repair can be paid with it, as can the bargain in stores that you simply cannot ignore. The new VideoIdent procedure enables you to identify yourself more quickly than at the post office counter with the PostIdent. The Internet makes it possible if you have a webcam. Loans from abroad that are Credit bureau-free can actually be paid out as a cash advance immediately via the postman. You can get this from agents who specialize in it.

Loans with a guarantor – is it worth it?

Getting a high loan is not easy, because the bank scrupulously verifies the creditworthiness of its customers. Some people may have difficulty even getting a non-bank loan if their financial standing is not sufficient. In this case, the solution can be a loan with a guarantor. What is it about and is it worth deciding on such an offer?

Non-bank companies offer their clients various financial products, and one of them is a loan with a giraffe. It provides a form of security in the event that the borrower ceases to meet the repayment schedule.

Usually, such loans are offered to high-risk clients whose unstable financial situation cannot guarantee repayment. If the loan is no longer repaid, this obligation passes to the guarantor and he becomes the debtor towards the non-bank company.

How do you get a loan with a guarantor?

How do you get a loan with a guarantor?

The loan procedure is almost identical to standard loans. Everything is limited to submitting the relevant online application and completing the form. The differences, however, result from the fact that the lender is more interested in the financial situation of the guarantor.

The customer applying for a loan will be required to submit a declaration of income not only his but also the guarantors.

In addition, the company may require the grant to document his earnings, good creditworthiness and favorable history in Credit Checker. In contrast to the mortgage, loans are granted without real estate, which is why the ownership or absence of a flat is not taken into account when assessing the capacity.

Payment of a loan with a guarantor

Payment of a loan with a guarantor

An important issue is that the funds received are transferred to the account of the guarantor, not the borrower. This is to protect against possible fraud and provides additional security for the transaction. Loans with a guarantor are often granted to indebted persons, the unemployed and a bank account seized by a bailiff. Therefore, paying out to a giraffes account is often the only solution for the borrower to receive money.

A loan with a guarantor – is it worth it?

For people in financial difficulties, a loan with a resident is sometimes the only way to get extra money. The advantages of such a solution are that you can apply for larger amounts, even without creditworthiness. An additional benefit is that thanks to the loan you can start building your credit history.

Although financial products have been granted for 18 years, young people are not very reliable customers. By taking out a loan with a guarantor and paying it back regularly, you have the chance to increase your Credit Checker scoring and improve your credit history. This will make it easier for you to access other financial products in the future.